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Update Lely Campus Phase 2

31-05-2021 | Maassluis

Due to the continued worldwide growth of Lely's business activities, the current facility will be doubled, with three wings of office space totaling 10,600 m2 and a production hall totaling 24,000 m2.

2020, a year full of challenges and new projects

12-21-2020 | Rotterdam

2020 was a year full of challenges and uncertainties. The pandemic had a big impact on all of us and ConverseArchitects was no exception. We quickly adapted to the new reality where working from home became the standard. Far from ideal, but definitely possible. Fortunately, there were still many positives in 2020.

Expansion of Lely Head Office Maassluis

09-09-2020 | Maassluis

Maassluis, 9 September 2020 - Yesterday ConverseArchitects was present at the driving of the 1000th pile for the second phase of the Lely Campus in Maassluis. An important moment in the development of this sustainable campus, of which we completed phase 1 at the end of 2013.

Intellian Technologies chooses Rotterdam

11-05-2020 | Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM - Construction of the new European headquarters of Intellian Technologies started at Business Park Hoog Zestienhoven at the beginning of this month.

Lichtval Buitengoed

28-02-2020 | Rotterdam

Buitengoed is a green and open neighborhood with a village atmosphere. The neighborhood is inspired by the area 'Kralingen' in Rotterdam: wide avenues, ponds, streets that sway and a nice environment.


20-12-2019 | Rotterdam

We kicked off 2019 in our brand new office at the Lloydkade in Rotterdam. Surrounded by light, water and architecture, we enjoy a very inspiring working environment every day. In 2020 we will start and finish several projects.

Converse LAB

04-12-2019 | Rotterdam

The world and our own experience are constantly changing. Society is changing with it. This interests, stimulates and motivates us to continue to learn and develop.

Lely Campus featured in Profile Magazine

11-02-2019 | Rotterdam

Schüco's Profile Magazine featured Lely Campus in the latest edition of there magazine. In the article Schüco refers to the glass façade providing uninterrupted views of the imposing 2 story load-bearing structure.

Converse project showcased by Royal Mosa

03-12-2018 | Rotterdam

This month ConverseArchitects’ ‘Hoornbeeck College project’ showcased as a reference project for Mosa tiles. For over 130 years Royal Mosa has been producing tiles from the purest raw materials and with the magic of innovative Dutch design. Thanks to years of experience and a rich history in the production of ceramic tiles, timeless aesthetics comes together with functionality and pure craftsmanship.

Second meeting Uitzicht

01-11-2018 | Rotterdam

To completely understand the ancient Germanic era, we need to go back in history for two thousand years. The Germanic people (now the Netherlands and West-Germany) lived in extreme swampy conditions, forcing them to build their houses and farms on higher levels to stay dry. This primitive construction is called a ‘terp’ and literally means ‘artificial hill’. Later on we obviously found smarter ways to keep dry feet, but the terp has kept the Dutch (living below sea level!) dry for centuries.

Ultimate Converseness
Masters Moving Forward

25-09-2018 | Rotterdam

We are delighted to inform you that ConverseArchitects has moved to a splendid new office at the Lloydkade in the Rotterdam Lloyd-quarter. Surrounded by harbor activity, architecture, light, water and space it just couldn’t be a better match!

Lely project on cover IMd book

29-06-2018 | Rotterdam

ConverseArchitects believes in strong and loyal relationships with his partners. Yesterday, on June 28, one of these preferred partners, IMd, structural engineers, launched their new book 'The Art of Constructing'. We are very humbled that IMd has chosen our Lely project for the cover of this book. In this book Remko Wiltjer, Pim Peters, Rob Stark and Paul Korthagen - all four director-owners of IMd - showcase that structural engineering is much more than just a craft.

First meeting Uitzicht

14-06-2018 | Rotterdam

Thursday the 14th of june 2018 you are welcome to join the first meeting of Uitzicht in Wilgenrijk. The designers of Plein 06 and ConverseArchitects will tell you about the ideas and the choises they had to make during the design process. The programm starts from 19:15 till 20:15. Afterwords you can ask the designers questions about the project. You can find more information on the Uitzicht website.

Uitzicht website

Buitengoed Wilgenrijk

13-06-2018 | Rotterdam

Together with urban design agency Plein06, Converse Architects has developed the concept for the Buitengoed area. From the beginning in the early sketch phase we worked together, so there is a clear connection between the green outdoor spaces, the streets and the transitions between inside and outside. Because of the collaboration between our offices, we have already realized several successful projects in Wilgenrijk.

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Brickwork Hoornbeeck College project of the month

22-03-2018 | Rotterdam

The brickwork of the Hoornbeeck College in Rotterdam is chosen "Project of the month" by Aberson. Aberson is the biggest supplier of bricks and facade materials. Read more about the project on the Aberson website.

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